Frequently Asked Questions.
All you need to know.


What is Skideo?

Skideo is an easy way to offer customers a personalised visual experience.

What can I do with Skideo?

With Skideo you can personalise all visual content (image, gif, video) on every touchpoint (mail, web, app).
Furthermore Skideo offers creative teams an easy way to automate and simplify the creation of all visual brand assets.

Where can I use Skideo?

Skideo can be used on all channels and on any touchpoint. Mail, web, app or narrow casting.

How do I get started?

Get in touch. We get you started and together we create your first Skideo template.


What is a Skideo template?

A Skideo template is a dynamic image, gif or video. It hanges according to the provided data. So when the data changes, Skideo automatically generates a unique variation of the template.

How can I create a Skideo template?

To ensure premium quality and performance, we create the templates for you. Based on your designs or from scratch. Whatever suits you best. It’s possible to create variations of any template yourself with the Builder Tool in the Skideo portal.

How can I add a Skideo template to a campaign?

Replace the current image or video link with the dynamic Skideo URL and add your client or product data as parameter.

How many data sources can be connected?


Can I use Skideo to create assets manually?

Yes. Every template comes with a Create page where you can create assets manually.


How can I login to the Skideo portal?

Go to and login with the provided username and password.

Is there a limit to the amount of users?

No, you can add as many users as you like.

Can I see the performance of a campaign?

The Skideo portal real time insight in the performance of all you templates.

What is the Skideo Builder?

With the Skideo Builder you can create variations of a Master template.

Can I invite other users to the portal?

Yes. You can add as many users as you want.

How can I stop a template from being used?

Yes, you can archive a template which blocks further content from being generated.

Privacy & technical

Does Skideo store (customer) data?

When data is added to a Skideo url it’s only used for generating content. We only store the created item, not the data on which it is based.

Is Skideo supported by all browsers?

Many personalisation platforms offer a HTML based solution. We don’t. We generate actual files such as jpg, png, gif and mp4. These formats benefit from a wide support across all browsers, platforms and operating systems.

Is data stored within the European Union (EU)?

All our content is generated and stored within the EU.

Is your datacenter ISO 27001 or SOC 2 certified?

Yes, our platform is built and hosted on the infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. A complete overview can be found here.

Do you offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

Yes, we do. Our service comes with a base Service Level, in addition we offer an extended SLA. We also offer custom SLA’s to comply with your business’ demands.

Is your platform pen tested?

Yes, it is. Pen tests are scheduled yearly and after big updates.

Do you track any data?

Yes, we track opens, plays, completed plays and average viewing time. By adding a client specific ID to our link, it’s possible to know if a client has opened/played content. This data can be viewed in our portal and is also available through our api.

Is it possible to encrypt the Skideo link?

Yes. Parameters can be added as-is, base64 or with AES-256 encryption.

Is it possible to create content with a csv, json or excel as a source?

Yes, the platform can turn any data source into content. Some of our clients use a csv, json or excel file as source, but these solutions are tailor made.